Monday, December 27, 2010


When was the last time I cried because of something so beautiful, pure from the heart, and eventually realized I am still a servant of my Creator?

I dont remember.

Facts on this convention,Muktamar IMSA-MISG 2010

first day : 'rasa mcm nk balik'
second day : 'eh,ak silap program ke?'
*tgok banner balik*
'macam kursus kahwin'
third day: i did found something that had been missing from me after school
fourth day : hoping this feeling lasts forever

i'm impressed on two things:
ukhuwah among Indonesian professionals & their families
dakwah by Indonesian-American youth

p/s I did lied when I said I dont know why you're asking where's the old me,because deep down inside,i knew what is missing

Thursday, December 23, 2010


In a room of fourth floor motel tonight, I am able to write something throughout this journey.

Facts on my roadtrip around USA,

from: Rochester, New York

tonight: fifth day

tonight: fourth motel

today's achievement: drove Camry 120miles

tomorrow: going to muktamar MISG in St Louis,Missouri

tomorrow: will be in ninth state in a week

this week:

day 1 : Ohio, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt Uni, Nashville, Tennessee

day 2 : Atlanta, Georgia

day 3 : Mobile, Alabama

day 4 : New Orleans, Louisiana

day 5 : Arkansas and Memphis,Tennessee

the spectacular part in a roadtrip is the food (or food-hunting), we crashed into japanese, indian, chinese, mediterranean, turkish, pakistan and thai restaurant.

and bedtime stories too.

pray for happy and safe journey insyallah.

Friday, December 10, 2010

awesome vs happy

Remember a sister i met months ago in this post?

I met her again,tonight at Tajweed Essentials class at University of Rochester,10minutes away from mine.

well~because i'm tired,straight to the point:

It was awesome possum!

best class of tajweed ever,since 20years through fardhu ain classes in school.

it was tought by Syeikh Wisam Sharieff, he is so cool!

funny and full of enthusiasm!

when i say tajweed, does it ring a bell of all the complicated terms you knew?makhraj huruf? tarqiq & tafkhim? idgham and whatnot?

this class has nothing to do with those terms, it is about science of sounds, how you say it, how do you hear it, where the letters will be?in the lip or the throat?

Why tajweed?why not fiqh or anything else?

1) first command of Allah in Al-Quran is what? yes,exactly! iqra'!

2)to have better Quran recitation

3)recite the Quranic verse during solah correctly

4)seek for forgiveness in the way Allah wanted it to be (say the right words with correct meaning)

the way he taught it was amazing. I bet no one ever experience tajweed lesson like that before, never, no where else. i might fall in love if he is 10years younger. everyone's heart melts when listening to his recitation.and i got goosebumps! , for good.

a bit of sharing:

there are 7 AWESOME letters :those are heavy-sounded ض ص ط ظ ق غ خ

and he taught this as simple as 'awesome vs happy' in 29 arabic letters,

heavy letters sound thick like we say 'AWE'some and all other letters are happy,just nice and in relax way

know where the letters are in the throat and no technical terms, just listen and say it.

If an american girl,who actually drove me to this class,and she never know this arabic letters before, willingly to cancel her weekend plan for this class,why are we reluctant?are we better because we are muslim?not a guarantee.

take home message : if you are reading this before 10am saturday Dec 11, and you are free this weekend,
go to and register! no regret. this is the last class in Rochester. His schedule will pull him to west coast till next 11 months.(wow)

what I had been thinking is;

we are sooo overwhelming by big problems such as jews secret agenda,ulama's different point of view in many subjects, and whatnot, try to loosen up a little bit,those problems are going to be debate 'like forever'...and will never end.

not until we all look up in The Quran. Learn the beauty of it and bring the spirit alive.

such a long day today.gonna get some rest and start surviving again tomorrow.isn't that what we do everyday?sleep,wake up,survive,sleep again,..

p/s : if we have claimed we love someone,shouldn't we read His love letter everyday?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1 Muharram 1432?

Abu Hurairah r.a berkata”Setiap kali datangnya tahun baru membuat aku risau dan resah kerana semakin singkat umurku,semakin dekat ajalku,semakin tipis waktu pngampunan Allah terhadapku,semakin dekatnya hari perhitunganku..”

semakin dibaca baris-baris ni, fact,tepat sekali.Ya Allah,lalainya aku.
moga hari hari mendatang membawa manfaat,aku tahu jalannya tak mudah tapi aku kena sedikit lebih kuat dari sekarang.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1432.

azam tahun baru:
~keja sampai kurus,haha
~kumpul duit utk 3 ticket MY-NY untuk masa depan
~mengaji byk sket plus istiqamah
~perbetulkan dan constantkan niat


p/s lalala,next week tiga exam dlm 2 hari.kalau la bleh nmpk jwpn atas lapisan putih 10inci salji kt luar=)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

little 'snow white' and nightview of Niagara Falls

the very first pictures of me and friends in admirable,alluring,angelic and enchanting snow!<-see how much i'm enjoying it?haha

because snow is luscious, dainty and awe-inspiring!love it!=)

Nigthview of Niagara Falls is divine!
The background of Toronto city of Canada adds up the blissful potrait!

In fact, it is the second largest falls in the globe next to Victoris Falls in southern Africa.

Also,one fifth of all the fresh water in the world lies in the four Upper Great Lakes~ Michigan,Huron,Superior,Erie. All the outflow empties into the Niagara river and eventually cascades over the falls.amazing,isn't?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

wrapping up the hols

wrapping up the holiday break.

i spent most of the time cleaning the house,renovating study space,kind of cleared some from the past, reminiscing most of them and blow some spirit for the next battle.

also,cooking and trying some new fact, i looked up recipes on the internet,compared and blended them in together as i like them to,you gotta be proud of your daughter.she never be determined in cooking this much before.

the highlight will be the trip to buffalo. my friends and I rented a car,ME learning to drive on right lane and I finally did it well. need more practice and get the permit later in the quarter.
i am looking forward for girl's trip!.cant wait for that. dear friend said,''you was confused on the roads to go back to your house in Malaysia but you drive Honda Civic on US road?''

''again,thats not my fault,GPS did most of them here''

''plus,i miss my driver during last summer''

ohh yeah! Black Friday! a day after thanksgiving where everyone goes mad shopping designer brands clothes and accessories. I spent A LOT in Niagara Outlet from 11pm until 420am i think.we got back here to Rochester at dawn that morning.And went to Eastview Mall in downtown at noon. I really spent the opportunity to the fullest.

The most valuable-never-regret things I had bought definitely will be the Guess handbag,purses and Polo Ralph Lauren jacket. Imagine you have to wait 30 minutes lining up before get in the store,and another 30 minutes to check out?phewww~ the line for Coach is the longest one ever seen.I am not spending an hour waiting for it.Though I learned that store should be the first to catch in the next Black Friday.hahaha

Luckily, we have Forever 21 in Eastview mall but I was not done exploring the whole mall. Gonna be there again for sure.

Today, I worked about 10 hours in on-campus cafe. Easy job, deep frying the fries. So,the most spoken line of the day will be:

''Would you like some fries? Curly or french fries?''

A little tired (actually soooo tired) of standing for hours but when you see the smiles on customer's faces, the feeling just blew away. I have that kind of satisfaction when I cook or serve food. See happy faces of people you help on something and you got what I am saying.

So; words like ''Thank you very much'',''Awesome!'',''Have a good night'' or even ''Happy hols'' sure means something. I am glad people are polite and nice around here.

And not to forget,10hours of working today, I have enough refund for money I spent on the Ralph Lauren coat.=) here you go biha! gigih !

good luck everyone for winter quarter! who am I kidding? Its me who should be struggling on 3 laboratories. fighting! Its not solely about the good grades,its about what you are learning in the refix the intention,start it with whole new journey.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

driving course 101


was my first time driving a big spacious car on right lane.

and i did it again tonight.

one word to describe it :



and whoever read this,please dont told my father i am driving on US road.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


its fall break and what i'm going to do?

apart from thanksgiving sale and black friday,end of this week..

i tried to avoid the lappy because i already spent the quarter staring on this 14' screen.

but i ended up,

~watched 'Playful Kiss',having a crush and chasing the guy for 4 years?gosh,crazy thing ever done. This drama is based on Japanese manga Mischievous Kiss.

~listening to 'lafaz sakinah' over and over again,whose heart is not touched by the meaningful lyrics,reminds me of ayah.

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. ~Clarence Budington Kelland

thats is so true.not much talk,he do the action and inspired me with the courageous, determination and strength of him. raising three daughters is though enough,doesn't it?

Ayah, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.

listen to this,and i bet your soul melted when it comes to lines 'adalah aku wali puteriku...' and 'jadikanlah dia wanita syurga'..

p/s: and i miss you sis nur sakinah hashim =D be strong. and dapat 'ketenangan' sakinah itu sendiri.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w. :

"Sesungguhnya yang paling ditakutkan daripada apa yang aku takutkan menimpa kalian adalah asy syirkul ashghar (syirik kecil). Sahabat bertanya: "Apakah dimaksudkan syirik kecil itu? Baginda menjawab: Riak."

(HR Imam Ahmad)

saya cuma cuba sampaikan apa yg rsa perlu

kita xperlu jadi so-called 'islamic'

kita mmg islam

so,jadilah muslim

yang tahu hak ALLAH

niat di hati cuma nak berkongsi

tapi kenapa,asyik berulang kali

melihat transformasi

berapa org yg mengikuti

berapa org yg melayari

laman ini

riakkah aku?

perbetulkan niat di hati


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

its never been too far

i was born optimist.

for me, life holds us in halves.

half meaning of life is ;

what you decide to do throughout the journey your life

and another half is;

who is with you when you do them..

so, in the future,

whether you decide to stay in the country or other parts of the globe,

whether to be a housewife, lecturer, researcher, scientist or businesswoman

one thing surely does matter is : your beloved family is beside you.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

rezeki ohh

ohh ohh i'm so badly happy.

cari part-time job ni memang ikut rezeki.

mcm dulu,pnya la usaha tapi tak xdpt2.

but now,

guess what?i just got my second job.alhamdulillah.

so,for the next quarter i will be working in two cafe's for about 14 hours a week.

huhu,thanks 200 guys who had wished me birthday wishes along with 'moga panjang umur,murah rezeki'..

actually,i was offered to work 18 hours but reasonably,it will kill me on monday schedule. 645am-530pm non-stop?ouch,thats gonna hurts.

no more custo. its a relief and adds up to my gratitude.

my previous housemate once said ;

when you are a RIT student,you can only have two of these three :

1) life
2) good grade
3) research

well,I cant make up my mind so I made another choice :

4) all of them


what's yours?

exam di pagi raya

sayu je takbir raya di subuh hening ni.huhu


raya eidul adha ni terasa lebih bermakna.kt malaysia tiada iklan tv, makanan, jualan mega atau mercun.haha.di malaysia la.

kat sini,memang tak terasa apa-apa,baik eidulfitri atau eiduladha.

almost forgot lagi kalau tak diingatkan hari ni raya.

plus ada final exam. moga2 bleh buat. dh bertungkus-lumus ni,

semalam oral arabic,that went well,alhamdulillah.

okay,one last shot,better be good.pray for me.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Non-halal food products in US supermarkets

ni sambungan dari part I.

Non-halal products

Coffee & Tea drinks:

STARBUCK Vanilla Frappuccino Coffee


KRAFT Miracle Dressing Free

Salad Dressings (Dry):

HIDDEN VALLEY Fiesta Ranch Mix
HIDDEN VALLEY Fat Free Ranch Mix

Salad Dressings (Liquid):

-KRAFT French,Thousand Island,Italian,Catalina,Light Done Right Ranch and
all flavors,Free Thousand Island,Honey Dijon,Peppercorn Ranch,Blue Cheese,Cucumber Ranch.

-all HIDDEN VALLEY dressings

Pasta Sauce:

-ALL Heart Smart Sauces
-Fresh Mushroom
-Chunky Garden Mushroom
-Chuncky Garden Tomato
-Chunky Combo

-Traditional Pasta Sauce

-Three Cheeses
-Green&Black Olive

Baking Chocolate:

BAKERS Semisweet Baking Chocolate Squares

NESTLE Mini Marshmallow

Rice Products:

RICE A RONI - All Rice Products

LIPTON - All Rice Products

KNORR - All Rice Products

UNCLE BEN - All Rice Products

Chocolate Bars:

HERSHEY Pieces Peanut Butter

Pizza Restaurants:

*PAPA JOHN'S Thin Crust Cheese Pizza (containing alcohol in flavors)

*DOMINO PIZZA Cheese Pizza

*=Ingredients in pizza are subject to change all the time.

(A Comprehensive List of Halal Food Products in US Supermarkets,Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed)

p/s : all these are National Brands products in US. There are a lot more info regarding products in specific areas such as California,Chicago,Detroit,Illinois,Minnesota,Maryland,Penn Area Supermarkets listed but I only stressed on the national brands.Hope this helps in someways.

p/p/s: jom boikot STARBUCK

Thursday, November 11, 2010

dear god


1) beg for 0.77 points

2)must get 20 points

3)arabic final project presentation

by 230pm,all done.thank you so much!

first situation;

me : can you PLEASE review my previous lab reports? cause i was like, 0.77% away from A.

g : ermm..

me : ......

g :'s a thing...

*silence for 29 seconds*

g : to make long story short, u get an A!

me : ehh..? but i didnt make any make-up lab.

g : cause i can give approximately 1 point for those who did good in lab.

me : oh you're cool! i love you! i love you! =D

Second situation;

~You are done.good luck for tomorrow's exam.

I will.thank you.

Third situation;

*today's class is cancelled.i am so sorry but there is no arabic food day*


sad.gonna ask the ustaz for recipe and cook by myself.

today's favorite quote;

cause i'm lonely,i'm tired
i'm missing you again oh no

(dear god,avenged sevenfold

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

time to ponder

quarter is almost over
one exam on friday
one final next week
and finally,the-most-awaits-holiday

i should have a presentation today
final project for arabic class
but because my classmates were so excited to present
there was no time left for us

they really did such awesome projects
came out with 'syariah laws' and everything
i thought americans are not into those thing
well,not them i guess

what do i do?
hahaha,of course 'malaysia truly asia',
sounds 'lame' but my friends are interested to know such country do exists
and i learned priceless experience from this course

the lecturer is so cool
well,i shoud say the ustaz is way cooler
i dont why but i prefer ustaz teaches arabic language
than ustazah
from high school until now
they made the complicated stuff looks easier and have good analogy too

i learned that when we have passion into one thing, we will not let little things get into our way
do what you love and love what you do
i learned that my class is actually multi-cultural
americans,europeans,and american-born egyptian&tunisian.

not to forget,the cute guy.with camera.

science classes' grade?urm,pretty good.for most of them.
at least i learned many valuable knowledge.
the more i learn,the more i realized how i naive i am
why i am here?not because i am genius
but i was/am given opportunity to unravel many great things

and i do believe
i did my bestest

talking about genius thing just now,
i was wondering
if you go deep into the concept,understand well
next when you reviewing the past year questions
there is no issue like 'memorizing the answers',right?
the thing is,we must start earlier,beyond expectation
cause it is silly if you just put 'gold mine' aside

ohh how i love tomorrow
arabic food day

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

tdo lpas subuh?

Pagi-pagi ni waktu yang mulia,banyak berkat di dalamnya orang kata. Waktu mcm ni sebenaqnya patut diguna untuk bekerja cari rezeki,beribadah dan menambah 'value' solat malam, etc..Tapi kenyataan?xyah tgok org len,diri seniri pon slalu je buat.especially bila tdo lwt.

Kita dh tw mnda ni,tapi sekali-sekala diberi peringatan kn bgus.

I found this;

''Saudaraku, ingatlah bahawa orang-orang soleh terdahulu sangat membenci tidur pagi. Ibnul Qayyim ketika menjelaskan masalah banyak tidur bahawa banyak tidur dapat mematikan hati dan membuat badan merasa malas serta membuang-buang waktu. Beliau rahimahullahmengatakan,

“Banyak tidur dapat mengakibatkan lalai dan malas-malasan. Banyak tidur ada yang termasuk dilarang dan ada pula yang dapat menimbulkan bahaya bagi badan.

Waktu tidur yang paling bermanfaat yaitu :

  1. Tidur ketika perlu tidur.
  2. Tidur di awal malam – ini lebih manfaat daripada tidur lewat malam
  3. Tidur di pertengahan siang –ini lebih bermanfaat daripada tidur di waktu pagi dan petang. Apatah lagi pada waktu pagi dan petang sangat kurang manfaatnya bahkan lebih banyak bahaya yang ditimbulkan, lebih-lebih lagi tidur di waktu Asar dan awal pagi kecuali jika memang tidak tidur semalaman.

Menurut para salaf, tidur yang terlarang adalah tidur ketika selesai solat subuh hingga matahari terbit. Kerena pada waktu tersebut adalah waktu untuk menuai ghonimah (pahala yang berlimpah). Mengisi waktu tersebut adalah keutamaan yang sangat besar, menurut orang-orang soleh. Sehingga apabila mereka melakukan perjalanan semalam suntuk, mereka tidak mahu tidur di waktu tersebut hingga terbit matahari. Mereka melakukan demikian kerana waktu pagi adalah waktu terbukanya pintu rezeki dan datangnya barokah (banyak kebaikan).” (Madarijus Salikin, 1/459, Maktabah Syamilah)



Tidak sesuai dengan petunjuk Al Qur'an dan As Sunnah.


Bukan termasuk akhlak dan kebiasaan para salafush soleh (generasi terbaik umat ini), bahkan merupakan perbuatan yang dibenci.


Tidak mendapatkan barokah di dalam waktu dan amalannya.


Menyebabkan malas dan tidak bersemangat di sisa harinya.

Maksud dari hal ini dapat dilihat dari perkataan Ibnul Qayyim. Beliau rahimahullahberkata, "Pagi hari bagi seseorang itu seperti waktu muda dan akhir harinya seperti waktu tuanya." (Miftah Daris Sa'adah, 2/216). Amalan seseorang di waktu muda berpengaruh terhadap amalannya di waktu tua. Jadi jika seseorang di awal pagi sudah malas-malasan dengan sering tidur, maka di petang harinya dia juga akan malas-malasan pula.


Menghambat datangnya rezeki.

Ibnul Qayyim berkata, "Empat hal yang menghambat datangnya rezeki adalah [1] tidur di waktu pagi, [2] sedikit solat, [3] malas-malasan dan [4] berkhianat." (Zaadul Ma’ad, 4/378)


Menyebabkan berbagai penyakit badan, di antaranya adalah melemahkan syahwat. (Zaadul Ma’ad, 4/222)''

Di petik dari


yes biha,sila jadik morning person!

hati kata; tapi saya nk stay up all night?study might be?

no,no..go to bed early,get enough sleep and wake up before fajr.

okay.i try.really do.

Mak ckp,sila cergas pagi2 ya 'cahaya yang cerdik yang cergas',murah rezeki.


Sunday, November 7, 2010 i express feeling (blogging) better in english or malay?


Saturday, November 6, 2010

qalbi nadak~

erm.sangat xdak mood nk study.padahal ad banyak keja ja nk buat.
to-do list:
1) microbe lab notebook completion
2)study for cell bio&microb exams
3)essay + final project arabic 5 pages
and etc..
but today,
all i did are cooking+eating+eating+eating+cooking+eating, seriously..
note that eating was doubled compared to the if i dont care gaining weight.but i do.*sigh*
susahnya nak wat post dlm b.m,tapi nak try jugakk.hahaha
antara perkara-perkara random yang melayang-layang dalam kepala seminggu dua ni;
1)balik dari kelas arab,dh pkol 6pm,dh gelap dh,dh maghrib..terpacak la tunggu bas RIT night shuttle tu.menggigil-gigil.masa tu,bleh nmpak selautan manusia nak naik bas yang sama.mcm besa,ak yg kurang tggi ni cepat-cepat la mencelah nk naik bas ni bas dh panjang,doubled,suka tgok bntuk dia mcm lipan tu.xpon,nmpak mcm alat muzik yg lipat2,yg boleh bend tu,xtaw la nama apa kn.haha
well,seronoknya jadi org kurang tinggi ni sbb senang la mencelah naik bas,tapi...*duhh*ni yg xbest neh,dok dlm bas,eh bukan xduduk pon,berdiri,sesak2..pastu nasibla kalo dok bawah tangan org tinggi-tinggi kan.hahaha.naseb bek cuaca xpanas mcm kt malaysia..kalau tidakkk....haish.
bila dh turun bas tu,nak kena jalan sat,lintas jalan besaq dpn rumah. berjalan la kita pon dgn gagah dan tabah,nmpak gaya mcm selaju yang mugkin laa..tapi dengan cepatnya,org belakang akan memotong dgn langkah kaki depa yang panjang tuhh.adoiii,sakitnya hati,bukan seorang dua,lebih dari dua..hahaha.rsa mcm dalam hati depa ckp ''apa la budak ni,bajet mcm laju sgt,tapi sat ja kna potong.''hahaha
erm,xdak point pon,saja nak meluahkan apa yg terbuku di hati.hehe
2) la ni tengah balajq american sign language (ASL) tapi dok amatuer lg la.belajaq dgn classmate dr klas arab.dia ni mmg solute lahh.amek klas middle east culture yg kena hafal peta middle east tu,hafal every name of mountain and word=superb!.padahal dia bukan muslim pon dan hard-hearing.sangat teruja dgn semangat depa ni yg xsempurna fizikalnya di mata kita,tapi semangat belajaq tu mmg sgt tinggi la.cth mcm dlm organic chem lab,ad sorg ni pkai kerusi roda.tengok dia tabah je buat experiment padahal kita dh tension2,chemical portion meletup2,pecah apparatus sana-sini..orang istimewa mcm ni EQ(emotional quotient) sgt mantap kn?
3)dok pk nak amek arab klas ke dak ni winter quarter nak mai neh.ermm.kalau amek nak kena tabah la balik malam2 ni.tapi sayang plak kalau skip.nak kena tunggu taun depan plak.tggal dua kelas ja lg ni,pastu bleh declare minor.pastu taun depan insyallah nak wat minor business management plak.tapi winter ni dah amek 3 kelas dan 3 lab.survive ke nanti?mana advisor saya,dulu ada...*sigh*
dan sumber inspirasi ada dlm klas tu.haha
4)tgh in the mood yg hidup ni kdg2 xfair.kadang-kadang ye,dan la ni adlah salah satu masanya.certain org je dpt sportlight.dapat banyak peluang.dapat banyak kepercayaan.apa dah jadi dgn inside beauty ya kawan-kawan.dh pupus ye istilah tu.mitos kot.sekian.hahaha.evil kn mood ni,maaf.
5) terima kasih banyak-banyak ye untuk hadiah birthday tu,ada jugak org ingat rupanya.btw,dan untuk sarah syg plak,jumpa winter nanti di missouri insyallah.

6)last one,kalau kita nampak satu kemungkaran tu,xpayah la nak kutuk2 kt belakang plak.kan dh menjana dosa,ntah2 lagi byk pada org yg wt maksiat tu apa..xtw stop judging.all in all,we,each and every one of us will be judged on the Day of Judgement though.cthnya,kita nmpak perempuan tak menutup aurat kt fb,pastu dok kutuk2 dia plak kan.padahal xkenal pon.mcm mna nak mintak maaf dengan orang tu nanti?kesalahan sesama manusia kena mintak maaf dengan orang kita wt salah tu dulu bru leh dpt kemaafan dr Maha Pencipta.

mengumpat yang dibenarkan salah satunya macam victim ceritakan balik crime yg berlaku kt depan juri kt mahkamah.masa tu boleh la bongkarkan segala kesalahan tertuduh tu.dlm hal lain,xperlu la nk marah dan cakap 'mak bapak xajar ke?'thats so rude,p mintak maaf kat depa.dah la jauh beribu batu.doa la supaya diberi kesempatan untuk mintak maaf kt parents org yg dikutuk ye.

7)'stupid' is a MEAN word.

*byk slang kedah.well,nk wt mcm mna,dh mothertongue.