Wednesday, June 18, 2014

TEACH. Be that ONE.

Not because you HAVE TO,
But because you know you WANT TO. 

Be INSPIRED by what you understand,
And be DRIVEN by you do not.

Use your mind to REALIZE who you are
And to help mankind reach its POTENTIAL


And above all,
Never be afraid of the TRUTH.

Every child deserves a teacher who BELIEVES in them.
Be that ONE.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

So, happy first day of fellowship's second quarter!

What I think happen and what I didn’t expect to happen in this near-3-week-school-holiday.

First day of the second quarter in school, I was still in post-holiday blues but I miss to look into the eyes of my precious kids.

T  : I hope you all have a good holiday. Sapa nak share pengalaman menarik waktu cuti?
S : Makan KFC dengan cikgu haritu!
T : Tu kan sehari sebelum cuti, 3 minggu lepas. Apa lagi yang best waktu cuti kamu?
S : ha!, cikgu belanja kami makan KFC haritu.
T : *sigh*
Ss: pergi air terjun cikgu.., naik m
otor, jatuh motor…

At the end of the lesson, this boy Ash approached me and spent time telling stories about his vacation.
Ash : sebenarnya saya p lagkawi cikgu, dengan adik, pakcik saya. Best la naik cabel car, naik kuda, naik jetski dengan jalan-jalan kat Pantai Chenang. Cikgu besa (pernah) p langkawi dak? Best woo.

Me : Pernah. Best kalau p island hopping jgk. Bagus, tula yang cikgu nak kamu share dengan kawan-kawan tadi.

I am genuinely contented that he had fun and spent quality time with his family. He was saddened by his father's death several weeks ago and I honestly don’t have the right words to ask him how he was feeling or how he cope with the loss. #HappyFather'sDay
In another class, I had brief discussion with the kids and welcomed them to school.
T : Cikgu try buat lagi banyak aktiviti dan 'math game' untuk kamu semua.  Sempena World Cup season ni, kamu kena imagine kelas kamu macam padang bola dan cikgu sebagai pengadil. TAPI, kita takkan main bola, kita akan main 'games' lain. Sapa tak ikut arahan, kena kad merah, keluar padang!
S: Cikgu, kami mai sekolah nak belajaq bukan nak main game.
T : kamยต boleh boleh main game untuk belajar dan belajar melalui game.
S: eh, apa yang cikgu merepek ni..

In the spirit of student-centered learning and hoping to spark the students interest through engaging purposeful activities, they should learn how learning process can take place through math game and puzzles. Today, they also learned the flying disc Frisbee is not 'pinggan'.

My 16-year-old are struggling with basic operation '8-12', let alone solving single-step equation 'x-12= -40 '.

 I used to feel sad. The sad-indignant-hopeless-apathetic emotional cycle of mine was such a roller coaster ride and mental exhausting, really. At one point, I learned that we should learn how to hold on to some and let some go. Just doing whatever which helps them best, doing the best I can, wherever I am, with whatever I have, to whoever I can.

Walking down towards the staff room, Alia, my student assistant of the day, enlighten me with new information.  

Alia : Cikgu, nak nombor telefon boleh?!
Me :  Nak buat apa?
Alia : Cikgu, ingat dak haritu cikgu hantaq saya balik rum
ah. Abang saya dok gila kat cikgu,sepanjang cuti ni dok tanya pasai cikgu.
Me : ………….. *I remember it was 2-second-eye-contact from 10ft away for God's sake*
Alia : Abang saya askar cikgu..interview bulan 10 nanti…ru
mah cikgu kat tepi sekolah tu kan..
And she goes on and on.

I was hoping to build healthy relationships with my students and their parents, not finding love.
So, happy first day of fellowship's second quarter!
Hope we all rejuvenated and start rocking again! J
A change is possible.