Monday, December 27, 2010


When was the last time I cried because of something so beautiful, pure from the heart, and eventually realized I am still a servant of my Creator?

I dont remember.

Facts on this convention,Muktamar IMSA-MISG 2010

first day : 'rasa mcm nk balik'
second day : 'eh,ak silap program ke?'
*tgok banner balik*
'macam kursus kahwin'
third day: i did found something that had been missing from me after school
fourth day : hoping this feeling lasts forever

i'm impressed on two things:
ukhuwah among Indonesian professionals & their families
dakwah by Indonesian-American youth

p/s I did lied when I said I dont know why you're asking where's the old me,because deep down inside,i knew what is missing

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