Sunday, November 28, 2010

wrapping up the hols

wrapping up the holiday break.

i spent most of the time cleaning the house,renovating study space,kind of cleared some from the past, reminiscing most of them and blow some spirit for the next battle.

also,cooking and trying some new fact, i looked up recipes on the internet,compared and blended them in together as i like them to,you gotta be proud of your daughter.she never be determined in cooking this much before.

the highlight will be the trip to buffalo. my friends and I rented a car,ME learning to drive on right lane and I finally did it well. need more practice and get the permit later in the quarter.
i am looking forward for girl's trip!.cant wait for that. dear friend said,''you was confused on the roads to go back to your house in Malaysia but you drive Honda Civic on US road?''

''again,thats not my fault,GPS did most of them here''

''plus,i miss my driver during last summer''

ohh yeah! Black Friday! a day after thanksgiving where everyone goes mad shopping designer brands clothes and accessories. I spent A LOT in Niagara Outlet from 11pm until 420am i think.we got back here to Rochester at dawn that morning.And went to Eastview Mall in downtown at noon. I really spent the opportunity to the fullest.

The most valuable-never-regret things I had bought definitely will be the Guess handbag,purses and Polo Ralph Lauren jacket. Imagine you have to wait 30 minutes lining up before get in the store,and another 30 minutes to check out?phewww~ the line for Coach is the longest one ever seen.I am not spending an hour waiting for it.Though I learned that store should be the first to catch in the next Black Friday.hahaha

Luckily, we have Forever 21 in Eastview mall but I was not done exploring the whole mall. Gonna be there again for sure.

Today, I worked about 10 hours in on-campus cafe. Easy job, deep frying the fries. So,the most spoken line of the day will be:

''Would you like some fries? Curly or french fries?''

A little tired (actually soooo tired) of standing for hours but when you see the smiles on customer's faces, the feeling just blew away. I have that kind of satisfaction when I cook or serve food. See happy faces of people you help on something and you got what I am saying.

So; words like ''Thank you very much'',''Awesome!'',''Have a good night'' or even ''Happy hols'' sure means something. I am glad people are polite and nice around here.

And not to forget,10hours of working today, I have enough refund for money I spent on the Ralph Lauren coat.=) here you go biha! gigih !

good luck everyone for winter quarter! who am I kidding? Its me who should be struggling on 3 laboratories. fighting! Its not solely about the good grades,its about what you are learning in the refix the intention,start it with whole new journey.



  1. happy hols my dear.. have a great one. :)))

  2. thanx! u too! bestnya kamu spending break kt umah=)

  3. 10 hours works is awesome, somehow it's crazy though...hahaha
    good luck winter!