Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i am a full-time friend

It was dark and gloomy back then, and now it is raining heavily. I just stood silently trembling in the cold at the bus stop. Then a car stopped and kindly gave me a ride. Throughout the struggle, I managed to get to my desired destination safely. I just prayed may Allah bless him and give him hidayah.

Here I went. A halaqaa style gathering where we will listen to knowledgeable speakers on Islam and the vast knowledge that we can get from the AlQur'an and Sunnah.Deen and dine,dine means variety of pizzas of course=)

And yes,I never been to one before but I found it interesting. Kind of exciting to hear dakwah speech in english. Guys have jummuah khutbah so at least they got a reminder once a week,don't they?

The guest is Imam Masjid As-Sunnah,Imam Idrus. Topic:Brotherhood.Just wondering if I can scribble something here as a reminder for me.

~Allah obligate upon us to follow the scholars and imam.(e.g Imam Shafie',Imam Ahmad,Imam Hanafi etc)

~So,even we have our favorite imam,do not say bad things about the others who we dont take words from them.

~It is natural,a man cannot be alone,he must find companionship.(i am pretty sure we are focusing on cis-gender here)

~Beware to be friend with someone that take you away from Allah & Day ofJudgement.

~Be close to people who's near his Creator.

~If we love each other for money,business or school,sooner or later the bonding will fade or even break.

~But if we love a person for sake of Allah,the bonding will not cut off until the Day of Judgement.

~I dont want to be a person who bite his fingers on that day and said ''I wish I follow Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h way of life,and I wish I dont be friend with someone who keep me away from zikrullah''

~There are 3 types of friend; they are like
1)medicine : sometimes we need him, other time we are not.

2)food/drink : we always need him.

3)disease : we never want him.Even though we may be tested with this type of people, just chill and deal it well.

~Brotherhood in Islam: they need each other like the need to have both hand to wash hands.

~It is easy to be friend with everyone, but it is hard to a find a true friend, a friend who together you strive for the sake of Allah. He is able to give anything he has to his friend,(wait,everything he owns?) must be hard to find one.

~A good friend tries to cover your mistakes and do not blow your secret.

~How to choose a friend? Make him angry one time and then,next time make him really angry and see how he deal with it.If he managed the situation good,do not let him go. He is the one.

I am not sure if I done good understanding this lecture but I do make a friend with a sister from nearby university last night.

We first met and chatting and giggling together.We have same cell phones and both of
us are second daughter in the family.We even speaking Arabic together (practicing). Now I have added one more sister to the list.

We are different.The way we dress, the language we speak,the way we perform solah (in aurat context). But I do believe some things happen for a reason. Allah brought us together. May the friendship lasts.

p/s : a gift from friend and a gift from Allah

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