Friday, December 10, 2010

awesome vs happy

Remember a sister i met months ago in this post?

I met her again,tonight at Tajweed Essentials class at University of Rochester,10minutes away from mine.

well~because i'm tired,straight to the point:

It was awesome possum!

best class of tajweed ever,since 20years through fardhu ain classes in school.

it was tought by Syeikh Wisam Sharieff, he is so cool!

funny and full of enthusiasm!

when i say tajweed, does it ring a bell of all the complicated terms you knew?makhraj huruf? tarqiq & tafkhim? idgham and whatnot?

this class has nothing to do with those terms, it is about science of sounds, how you say it, how do you hear it, where the letters will be?in the lip or the throat?

Why tajweed?why not fiqh or anything else?

1) first command of Allah in Al-Quran is what? yes,exactly! iqra'!

2)to have better Quran recitation

3)recite the Quranic verse during solah correctly

4)seek for forgiveness in the way Allah wanted it to be (say the right words with correct meaning)

the way he taught it was amazing. I bet no one ever experience tajweed lesson like that before, never, no where else. i might fall in love if he is 10years younger. everyone's heart melts when listening to his recitation.and i got goosebumps! , for good.

a bit of sharing:

there are 7 AWESOME letters :those are heavy-sounded ض ص ط ظ ق غ خ

and he taught this as simple as 'awesome vs happy' in 29 arabic letters,

heavy letters sound thick like we say 'AWE'some and all other letters are happy,just nice and in relax way

know where the letters are in the throat and no technical terms, just listen and say it.

If an american girl,who actually drove me to this class,and she never know this arabic letters before, willingly to cancel her weekend plan for this class,why are we reluctant?are we better because we are muslim?not a guarantee.

take home message : if you are reading this before 10am saturday Dec 11, and you are free this weekend,
go to and register! no regret. this is the last class in Rochester. His schedule will pull him to west coast till next 11 months.(wow)

what I had been thinking is;

we are sooo overwhelming by big problems such as jews secret agenda,ulama's different point of view in many subjects, and whatnot, try to loosen up a little bit,those problems are going to be debate 'like forever'...and will never end.

not until we all look up in The Quran. Learn the beauty of it and bring the spirit alive.

such a long day today.gonna get some rest and start surviving again tomorrow.isn't that what we do everyday?sleep,wake up,survive,sleep again,..

p/s : if we have claimed we love someone,shouldn't we read His love letter everyday?


  1. i went to his talk before but haven't got a chance to go to his class. he also talked about quite the same thing, awesome, happy and stuff but i bet it is more and more if we get a chance to go to his class,aite? do you register for his class?

  2. wooww very very interesting!
    when is the next class? ada can tak nak pergi?


  3. too bad i cant go.i'm working.definitely go for the next,bleh pg website tu jenguk2 ngn reg for mailing list to keep update with the latest programme offered.