Wednesday, March 3, 2010

.....jika aku jatuh hati

the past is a ghost.

the future is a dream.

what we ever have is now.

there are so many things colored my life during past 3months ;

up and and sorrow..victory and defeat

i enjoyed the weather, especially the white amazing snow shower

i learnt to appreciate what i have

i should warm my mom's heart more when i'm with her

i learnt to manage my finance well,care on every singe cent, one thing i never care so much past 19 years or so

i learnt about how people's experience influence their principle in the present

i learnt how long-distance-relationship can affect someone and dragged others involved in it

i learnt to hold on to my faith

while evolution theory is driving me crazy, i learnt that i need to discover more about science and Islam

i make the obstacles i confront strengthen my belief in myself

finally,i still didnt get 4.0 for the second quarter.

but,past is past.

lets get ready for the next battle!

one thing that i dont get so deep well is;

in matter of heart

i cant distinguish between like and love

crush? ermm

shhh.its secret.secret makes a woman woman.

and let me keep that till death.

p/s: i think i like him.

kau istimewa

In the name of Allah the most Beneficial the most Merciful.

blog ini berubah arah. nak jadikan entry2 sbg peringatan buat diri sendiri.
muhasabah diri.

pertama sekali,terima kasih akak2 kerana usrah sempena Maulidur Rasul ada impaknya.

terkesan dalam hati diri sendiri dan rakan2 insyallah.

walaupun xdapat nk mengikuti kesemua programnya, tapi sgt tersentuh dgn video2 ini.

kalau ditanya knapa sya menangis,entahlah.

rindukan Rasulullah?

rasa kerdilnya diri ini berbanding Kekasih Allah..

atau terbayang sakit sakaratulmaut itu sendiri.

mungkin juga tertanya-tanya layakkah diri ini menerima syafaat Baginda di Hari Perhitungan kelak.


dah masukkan 'The Messenger' dan 'The Conquest of Constantinapole' dalam to-watch-list,
di smping movie2 box-office yang lain.

btw,nice blog langit Ilahi.suka post ini.

p/s: makaseh 'guide'.