Sunday, November 14, 2010

Non-halal food products in US supermarkets

ni sambungan dari part I.

Non-halal products

Coffee & Tea drinks:

STARBUCK Vanilla Frappuccino Coffee


KRAFT Miracle Dressing Free

Salad Dressings (Dry):

HIDDEN VALLEY Fiesta Ranch Mix
HIDDEN VALLEY Fat Free Ranch Mix

Salad Dressings (Liquid):

-KRAFT French,Thousand Island,Italian,Catalina,Light Done Right Ranch and
all flavors,Free Thousand Island,Honey Dijon,Peppercorn Ranch,Blue Cheese,Cucumber Ranch.

-all HIDDEN VALLEY dressings

Pasta Sauce:

-ALL Heart Smart Sauces
-Fresh Mushroom
-Chunky Garden Mushroom
-Chuncky Garden Tomato
-Chunky Combo

-Traditional Pasta Sauce

-Three Cheeses
-Green&Black Olive

Baking Chocolate:

BAKERS Semisweet Baking Chocolate Squares

NESTLE Mini Marshmallow

Rice Products:

RICE A RONI - All Rice Products

LIPTON - All Rice Products

KNORR - All Rice Products

UNCLE BEN - All Rice Products

Chocolate Bars:

HERSHEY Pieces Peanut Butter

Pizza Restaurants:

*PAPA JOHN'S Thin Crust Cheese Pizza (containing alcohol in flavors)

*DOMINO PIZZA Cheese Pizza

*=Ingredients in pizza are subject to change all the time.

(A Comprehensive List of Halal Food Products in US Supermarkets,Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed)

p/s : all these are National Brands products in US. There are a lot more info regarding products in specific areas such as California,Chicago,Detroit,Illinois,Minnesota,Maryland,Penn Area Supermarkets listed but I only stressed on the national brands.Hope this helps in someways.

p/p/s: jom boikot STARBUCK


  1. banyaknya. kenapa x halal ek sos prego tu. baru beli 2 balang besar giler.

  2. adib,xdinyatakan satu2 ap sebabnya.tapi diorg dh wt clinical test dan ad bhan2 yg xhalal.jadi,baik elakkan.senarai ingredient yg xhalal tu ad dlm product2 ni.