Thursday, November 11, 2010

dear god


1) beg for 0.77 points

2)must get 20 points

3)arabic final project presentation

by 230pm,all done.thank you so much!

first situation;

me : can you PLEASE review my previous lab reports? cause i was like, 0.77% away from A.

g : ermm..

me : ......

g :'s a thing...

*silence for 29 seconds*

g : to make long story short, u get an A!

me : ehh..? but i didnt make any make-up lab.

g : cause i can give approximately 1 point for those who did good in lab.

me : oh you're cool! i love you! i love you! =D

Second situation;

~You are done.good luck for tomorrow's exam.

I will.thank you.

Third situation;

*today's class is cancelled.i am so sorry but there is no arabic food day*


sad.gonna ask the ustaz for recipe and cook by myself.

today's favorite quote;

cause i'm lonely,i'm tired
i'm missing you again oh no

(dear god,avenged sevenfold


  1. congrats dapat pujuk horroks(aku tak reti eja!)


    aku pun sipi2 lepas 1 markah A.

  2. hahaha as, bkn lect tp TA mata hijau.

    eg; its horrocks,tp ak pggl greg je.

    1 markah pon beza grade kn,huhu,next quarter ngn dia lg,wanna do my best.

  3. tahun depan aku ngan horrock jugk!