Wednesday, November 10, 2010

time to ponder

quarter is almost over
one exam on friday
one final next week
and finally,the-most-awaits-holiday

i should have a presentation today
final project for arabic class
but because my classmates were so excited to present
there was no time left for us

they really did such awesome projects
came out with 'syariah laws' and everything
i thought americans are not into those thing
well,not them i guess

what do i do?
hahaha,of course 'malaysia truly asia',
sounds 'lame' but my friends are interested to know such country do exists
and i learned priceless experience from this course

the lecturer is so cool
well,i shoud say the ustaz is way cooler
i dont why but i prefer ustaz teaches arabic language
than ustazah
from high school until now
they made the complicated stuff looks easier and have good analogy too

i learned that when we have passion into one thing, we will not let little things get into our way
do what you love and love what you do
i learned that my class is actually multi-cultural
americans,europeans,and american-born egyptian&tunisian.

not to forget,the cute guy.with camera.

science classes' grade?urm,pretty good.for most of them.
at least i learned many valuable knowledge.
the more i learn,the more i realized how i naive i am
why i am here?not because i am genius
but i was/am given opportunity to unravel many great things

and i do believe
i did my bestest

talking about genius thing just now,
i was wondering
if you go deep into the concept,understand well
next when you reviewing the past year questions
there is no issue like 'memorizing the answers',right?
the thing is,we must start earlier,beyond expectation
cause it is silly if you just put 'gold mine' aside

ohh how i love tomorrow
arabic food day

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