Thursday, December 23, 2010


In a room of fourth floor motel tonight, I am able to write something throughout this journey.

Facts on my roadtrip around USA,

from: Rochester, New York

tonight: fifth day

tonight: fourth motel

today's achievement: drove Camry 120miles

tomorrow: going to muktamar MISG in St Louis,Missouri

tomorrow: will be in ninth state in a week

this week:

day 1 : Ohio, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt Uni, Nashville, Tennessee

day 2 : Atlanta, Georgia

day 3 : Mobile, Alabama

day 4 : New Orleans, Louisiana

day 5 : Arkansas and Memphis,Tennessee

the spectacular part in a roadtrip is the food (or food-hunting), we crashed into japanese, indian, chinese, mediterranean, turkish, pakistan and thai restaurant.

and bedtime stories too.

pray for happy and safe journey insyallah.


  1. salam.
    What a 'fortunate' to have the opportunity study aboard.

    I really hope to gain such experience too.Driving hundreds/thousands miles across the USA,looking at the beautiful sceneries.

    May u learn something from your journey.
    ~Berjalan dan bermusafir melihat kebesaran Allah~

    All the best and have a safe trip.

  2. halfway in this roadtrip,I did learnt a lot actually.mostly about friendship and future undertaking.and there are more and more amazing scenery to be explored here.

    trying to get as much input as I can in this 4-days muktamar.thanks for your prayer.may you be blessed,too.