Tuesday, November 16, 2010

rezeki ohh

ohh ohh i'm so badly happy.

cari part-time job ni memang ikut rezeki.

mcm dulu,pnya la usaha tapi tak xdpt2.

but now,

guess what?i just got my second job.alhamdulillah.

so,for the next quarter i will be working in two cafe's for about 14 hours a week.

huhu,thanks 200 guys who had wished me birthday wishes along with 'moga panjang umur,murah rezeki'..

actually,i was offered to work 18 hours but reasonably,it will kill me on monday schedule. 645am-530pm non-stop?ouch,thats gonna hurts.

no more custo. its a relief and adds up to my gratitude.

my previous housemate once said ;

when you are a RIT student,you can only have two of these three :

1) life
2) good grade
3) research

well,I cant make up my mind so I made another choice :

4) all of them


what's yours?


  1. can I add fifth option...

    5) life, good grade, research, money and happiness...hahaha

  2. cari part time job memang sangat mengikut rezeki.

    can u give me one?


    and nak macam paan jugak la haha.


  3. haha.yup,eg. i wanted to,but it wouldnt fit your schedule.