Sunday, April 3, 2011

A world of thanks

Well,thanks a lot to those with big heart,donating to my friend,shahir saad. May you all be blessed insyallah.Current total is $243 which is pretty awesome.!! and I'm in process transferring them to paypal malaysia. Hope everything would be fine and hope I did the responsibility as best as I could.

A little sharing from ''Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus'' and Baba Ali(
~a woman need listener. When she gets into problem (or she thinks its a problem while its not for others), what she need is someone to listen. Just be there and say nothing. For me,a good friend is the best person to lend her shoulder to cry on to. Yes, these sources (book and website) focusing on marriage relationship but hey,lets grab something we slipped our eyes at.All in all,we gonna get there too.

~A good listener is the one who comfort her and ready to listen. If you dont have words to make her feel good,please dont make thing worse. When a woman talking and babbling about 'problems',do not interrupt her with solutions. People say men is naturally problem-solving creature,so they tend to propose solutions before women even finished bursting her feeling out.= =
So, all you have to do is listen.

~While for a man,when he is stressed out, he need space. Space to reflect himself and what he had done. During this 'timeout', instead of misunderstood that he's ignoring the world, respect him and dont be mad.
Urgh, I'm not really know how to explain this either.hahaha

To be continued~
Thanks again.=)


  1. i want this book for my birthday present :)

  2. abid: why should i?haha
    paan: i got stuck elaborating the men perspective part.really.