Thursday, April 21, 2011

i miss arabic so much

English Language Center (ELC) Cultural Exchange event today was interesting!
There's a lot of students and professors sharing their background stories and brought international food.
We were given handout with questions and asked to mingle around. For example : find someone who speak more than three language, share same favorite sport, enjoy classical music , playing musical instrument etc.

There's a lot of both intern and American students. My previous Arabic professor took his entire class students to the event. Also, its good to know ELC staffs. Unfortunately, there's more male than female participating. Well,its RIT anyway.=)

I'm having fun knowing new people. A guy introduced himself from Panama. Huh? where on the globe is that?
Only after he mentioned Survivor show filmed there twice, I remembered hearing the name.

And i realized what I missed the most:
Meet my ustaz again after several months and how I miss him teaching damn much.
A guy with beard named Khalid speaks Arabic with me and I was like, wow! I must be forgetting many words and terms after long break. Too bad.

My heart says :
''You have two options ; whether live in an invisible globe or take the opportunity which could benefit yourself and help giving back to others. By the end of senior year, I am seeing myself an independent woman ready for challenges laying front''

Actually I was there to advertise new club, International Women of the World (IWOW). Recently awarded as Best New Club by RIT Student Goverment. Gotta put a lot of effort in this club. I might not be the best but I would put my commitment to something if I were given responsibility.

p/s watched 'Unknown' movie last night and it reminded me to my plan travelling to Germany. Be ready host.=)

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