Sunday, April 17, 2011

engrave the love

''Dear Biha,

   I hope being far away from Malaysia will not dishearten you from studying & living your life in Rochester. Have fun & gain lots of knowledge as much as you can coz opportunity like this doesn't always come by.

   If ever that you need someone to turn to, do drop by. Sometimes being far away from Malaysia pun boleh rasa lonely gak (kdg2..)

   Anyway, selamat berpuasa &selamat hari raya.
   May Allah bless you always.''
                                           -Madam Hajar-

These are words from my lovely teacher sent through mail with a box of 'kuih raya' a year ago.=)
I know right?thats so sweet of her.
And I never thought it will touch my heart so much when reading it again.
Especially when the lonely part come by,stay beside me,no intention of leaving.

How I wish to be at home,feeling of existence again.

Happy birthday madam.
I wish you Good Luck in all that you do,
For no one deserves it as much as you.
lots of love=)


  1. it is always make us feel better when we know someone do care for us..especially the closest one. being far from family really making life a bit miserable. and sometimes a single 'hello' and a smile even from someone that we don't know or not even close to us can make our day.

  2. true.i really need that right now somehow.when we woke up,we wouldnt know who'll make our day.all i know is that my heart is at home.huhu