Saturday, January 1, 2011

finding the ultimate love

guess what?

its January 1st 2011. so I am 21 now?wow! time flies so fast yet too high to catch.

aim for 2011: spread the love,strengthen the ukhwah=D

this post is dedicated to my friend who want me to share input from muktamar,so here it goes;

Understanding Islamophobia (by Ust Syamsi Ali, Ust M. Joban, Ust M. Ridha)

Islamophobia is not something new,really, its a natural process to convey Allah's message to humankind. Do you think the prophets back then didnt encounter the challenges? They do, in fact, worse than our situation. Prophets Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, Muhammad have been challenged harshly by their people when they convey their dakwah.

1) When people take religion from IT/mass media, they solely believe what they saw/heard/read
2) 'dominating' factor.
3) political fear: scared that Muslim will take over a particular land
4) Muslim behave nicely, yet they afraid it will influence more and more people to convert
5) its natural, hating Syariah laws because it contradicts their habit (drinking and such)

1) convincing that Islam is the most rational teaching of all
2)reaching out the interfaith leader
3) continuing dakwah

ohh yeah, the focus of this convention is ''In the Spirit of Humility, Reaching Out for All Humanity''

We must handle the phenomenon with care. How to indirectly educate others?

be a good Muslim.

and when you want educate somebody,please:
1) understand their level of knowledge
2) understand their level of background
3) understand their level of current understanding
because you dont want to go into scientific details with person know nothing about it, and you dont want to quote Quranic verse and try to impress someone when his/her doesn't even believe in his/her Bible. or you go with ''you dont know Islam?,the most fastest growing religion in the world?how ignorant..'' and yet crashed his/her curiousity. Do you know there are 80 faiths in the world?(according to what I heard once),we are the one who being ignorant.

1) open minds, be sincere towards self and others.
2) have a good knowledge with our own faith, other's faith, science & facts in general, word choice
3) dont be emotional, patience is the key
: ex, a claim that science dont prove something in Quran,tell them that science is still a process. back in 1951, scientist treated invasive cervical carcinoma aggressively because it was deadly and carcinoma in situ was not, isn't? later then, they found carcinoma in situ was the early stage of invasive one,no?(LOL,HeLa in mood,sorry).all i want to say is its a process dear. Scientific approach will support the carving words in the spectacular mukjizat,I believe.

Why is it important to reach out?
1) Protects others not to go down into traps
2) See everybody else around us as positively-potential people
3) Diversity- until the Day of Judgement, we could not make everyone else have same faith as ours.
*Respecting diversity: Our goal is not to MAKE them Muslim, but convey the message of Allah. beyond than that, leave it to servant-Creator relationship, I believe.

till here for now. for note, my favourite speakers in muktamar are Ust Hasanuddin (Malaysia), Imam Abdul Malik (US), Sh. Omar Baloch (US) and Ust Syamsi Ali (Indonesia). Their words feel lively in the air around me. Till we meet again.Jzk.