Monday, January 31, 2011

dear friends in RIT and Egypt

Dear all RIT friends who are now working in campus cafeteria;

We cant work in stations where we have to serve pork products.However, we can still work in other department such as cash, coffee shop, utilities and many more, as long as we don't have to serve the pork products. I know that this might be late, but I have been searching for this issue to some ustaz here and Malaysia.

I asked Dr Waleed, an Egyptian surgeon who is also US medical advisor yesterday, is it the same as the 10 group of people who involved directly and indirectly in arak issue?

                  Ibnu Tarmizi dan Ibnu Majah pernah meriwayatkan:
                   “Rasulullah s.a.w melaknat sepuluh golongan yang berkaitan dengan arak: yang memerasnya (memerahnya), yang minta diperaskannya, yang meminum, yang membawa, yang minta dihantari, yang menuangkannya, yang menjual, yang makan harganya, yang membeli dan yang meminta dibeli.”
and should we use 'qias' method where;
arak=non-halal, and we who are involved in non-halal food in the same situation?
I believed he said no,as we are now in States, where you buy groceries and clothes in stores selling arak/non-halal food too,dont you?so,he asked us to meet our interfaith leader (Dr Rauf Bhawany, I guess) to prepare a certificate to explain that we Muslim student worker cannot handle the assigned work to cafe's manager.

''berurusan @ bermuamalah ( jual beli ) dengan orang-orang kafir dan tempat-tempat yang haram ada 2 ketegorinya : 
1) benar-benar yakin kerja full time dia merompak, atau kilang arak, syarikat 100% sumber haram : maka tidak di benarkan oleh majoriti ulama. ( maaf sy tidak sempat link kan sumber rujukannya, mgkin lain kali ). 
2) sumber yg bercampur ( seperti tauke 7eleven, giant )iaitu bukan dari aktiviti kerja @ syarikatnya 100% dari sumber yang haram : maka dibenarkan kepada umat islam. Ini berdasarkan kepada hadis-hadis nabi SAW bermuamalah ( jual beli ) dengan kaum yahudi pada ketika itu, para ulamak memberi ulasan : sedangkan mereka ini ( yahudi ) memang terkenal melakukan aktiviti-aktiviti yg haram seperti Riba dan sebagainya.''
by: admin

rujuk ni jugak-->ustaz nor amin

and for me, I do learn my lessons.
when I was involved in minor car accident on Friday night,in New Jersey,
I begin thinking and reflecting myself,
may the money I should prepare for the rental car damages (as two rental cars were involved) wasn't the blessed one? I already quited one of my job last two weeks. And another one after this. = = Yes,I know I will not starve without both of my part-time jobs. And yes, I said at the beginning of this post we can still working in cafe, but I choose to avoid it as a whole. Yes, I did a mistake, recognized it, trying not to repeat it again and make better decision to correct it. 
do make more research and ask more alim ulama' about this issue,as I am not the only one involved.
p/s : I am so damn worried about a lot my beloved friends in Egypt right now. Really hope they are safe, eventhough surrounded by the chaos. Ya Allah,selamatkan orang-orang tersayang saya di sana. Seluruh Muslim di bumi Kinanah juga. Apa-apa yang berubah di Mesir akan ubah masa depan Ghaza jugak. Tapi, harapnya keadaan akan segera pulih. Gee, Una, Bad, Kinah, Hanan, Aeidah, Amarlina, Pikah, Mira, Hajar, Wawa, Akram, Pak Lah, Hilmi and many more, all 11k of malaysian students there too, moga dilindungi Allah. keep udating--> news from egypt


  1. i've been searching about this too lately. however, all the answer that i've got prevent us muslim from working at any part of the non halal cafe. as mention in the hadith 'Allah melaknat 10 golongan yg brkaitan dgn arak' even serving, selling and other things that people might think of it as petty things are also not allowed. i think of it this way, if we are working as a cashier at one non halal cafe, isn't it the same as we are the one who is selling it? another things that i've got, working at non halal cafe should be avoided. even if we are not working at the pork station and yadayada but still it is like 'bersubahat' in serving it. like if you are cleaning it and stuff. it's only my humble opinion..and i don't know it is allowed according to what you've got. thank you for sharing Biha..that's great. a lot of us don't really pay attention to this. well, working in cafe is not the only option that we've got right?jzkk

  2. Yes, we have a lot of other options.And I do expect you gonna be one of them to respond to this.Well,for me, not all the things sell in the store are non-halal,so it considers as mixed source of halal and haram.And I believe Dr Waleed gave his opinion based on his experience here in US.Now, I strongly agreed that we are not in darurat situation whatever,that we cannot survived without those jobs,and everything shubahah should be avoided.Thankx too wani.

  3. wah!nice blog layout..pic yg aku suka tue...
    hehe... :)

  4. ah.suma pic ak hg suka.hahaha.missing much?

  5. i came across this issue like 2 days ago i think. haha.

    coincidence? emm maybe Allah's guide. :)

    so is it okay if kerja lap2 meja and potong sayur segala?

    thanks for posting this!

  6. i begin thinking since I accepted the jobs,but never put it into action to search for,ak rsa ok je.but if you got other job,go for it.

  7. Dulu pernah gak consult Mr Google pasal benda ni sebab ada kawan kerja kt kitchen Dome, so mmg kena masak pork. Thanks biha for the sharing :)

  8. just a piece of not take it as an ultimate answer btw.long time no see sharfique org kg.haha

  9. maka kalau asal akar nya haram, maka haram lah segala pucuknya. kalau keje kat kedai serving nonhalal pon haram, makan kat kedai tu apetahlah lagi haram.

  10. i view it as this way;
    walmart,pricerite,marketplace ad jual arak x?
    then kita bli groceries&brg2 jgk kn?

    so,campus cafe sma la jgk.its not about support them,tgok situation kta kt sni la.options halal meal ada,its just opinion from seorang yg boleh jadi khilaf.

  11. jom keja custo biha. aku stop after abes quarter nieh