Thursday, January 27, 2011

you are beautiful

Expecting doesn't hurt you.
Assuming does.
So,lets expect life is beautiful
because it is
why you may ask?
because i am beautiful
you are beautiful
and we colors the world
pretty in our own way
until one will come
who'll make my heart race again
who'll make me able to carve sweet smile again
assuming people don't love you?
please don't, they love you so much till they don't have the guts to tell
afraid of losing might be the issue
i do think
voice out your care
so that they acknowledged that
and feel appreciated

i love you mom. 
i love you dearest ayah,kak,adik.
i love my bff and people around me.

p/s: currently reading 'murabbi cinta'. thanks 'pemilik buku'.and i know what the Greatest Love have to offer.

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