Sunday, January 26, 2014

Of love and hope

The past few days at school has been tough. Especially on Thursday when I entered two classes,which 11 out of 32 students were absent. I wondered if there's a special occasion that day,but couldn't think of any.There are only 9 souls at the beginning of the class, 7 skipped the class and the rest were late to come in. How on earth am I going to conduct the lesson? We then had group activity and did some revision.

Again, I have to gave them warning and send them to the PK. I don't like to nag and I hate to scold them over and over again. But still, they said ''Ala, tak sakit pun kena rotan,cikgu'' -.- They had gone through the consequences several times and it didn't mean anything anymore. I really wanted them to know what they did wrong and how it can affect themselves in the future. Thus, I need to find another strategy that didn't involves 'the magic stick'.

Today, right after the last lesson ended,a girl from the next class approached me. She was the same student who came to me earlier last week and admitted that she skipped my class on purpose. She promised not to repeat it again. Today she said she wasn't in my class again last week. I have my straight face and about to give her a final warning,but managed to hold it in. I asked her.''Why?'' and she humbly told me '' My mom passed away on Thursday. She suffered from stroke and paralyzed since I was 10.'' I was genuinely touched and wasn't expecting that answer. We had a short pep talk to inject determination in her. At the end,I saw tears welled in her eyes and she said '' Kalau ada apa-apa yang saya nak share or tak faham dalam kelas, boleh sentiasa cari cikgu kan?'' ''Yes dear, always.''I replied. Husna is one strong-hearted girl.

You're strong hearted when you don't give up, you fight for what you believe is right, your not intimidated, and you let nothing get in your way. I am the one who need the motivation at the moment. Today I've learned from her more than she has learned from me.

p/s Inspiring words fromy former lecturer, Prof Siti Nubailah. :)

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