Sunday, January 26, 2014

math is a verb

I've been cracking my head to come out with fun-but-purposeful-effective activities in my class. I'm teaching 3 math classes of Form 4 kids.
After a class today, two students stayed back during recess and asked me to teach them again on statistics.
So I went through the worksheet with them and go through step by step. I gave some real-life situations so that they can relate to the topic better.

me: Okay, jadi untuk dapatkan sempadan bawah untuk selang kelas ni, kamu kena bahagi dua. 39 bahagi dua.
him : tapi..
me : awat?
him : saya tak tau bahagi cikgu.

*2-seconds pause*my thought was ''Brace yourself, education inequity is REAL. This is why I'm here for.''

me : takpa,jom kita belajaq sifir dan bahagi. mulai hari ni, kamu jumpa cikgu waktu rehat.
Thus my aim would be at least 2 students in each of my aspiring classes will show incremental growth in basic mathematical operations by the end of this month.

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