Sunday, June 12, 2011

may you be blessed jeff

let me know
She is a pious Muslima.
And I really enjoy her mind, her soul, her heart.
I cannot decide now until I meet her.
But then I don't know how to say it to her.
let her know how do you feel about her
Ah but how?
Es dificil
It's difficult.
Has anyone proposed to you?
If so, how did he do it?
haha no,i dont
i just got confession and once been in relationship
not yet proposal
too young
InshaAllah I will meet with my friend Rafiq who taught me Islam when I was 16 years old.
And I will make the jump.
The jump to.... Islam.
Then I will try to be as best as I can.
My parents will not be happy. It is difficult being the only Muslim.
If I want an Islamic wedding, they will not approve.
Luckily, you have a family and an environment to support you.
So MashaAllah.
great to hear that
dont worry
you have your friends supporting you
you will be a great Muslim insyaallah
i''m happy for you=)

Well, the conversation above is unedited version of chat with my friend last night. (me, jeff)
I knew him on winter 2009, a year and half ago.
He's my classmate in Arabic Language class. and a close friend too.
He's from Pennsylvania, USA.

I felt happy and excited to hear two good news from him : he's going to propose a Muslima and ofcourse, he'll be a Muslim soon. 
One question that never came out from my mouth : Are you a Muslim? or Are you going to be one?
I mentioned about him in previous posts as my classmate who is learning about Islam and taking Middle East culture class. We are exchanging hundreds of texts discussing about Arabic language, Syariah laws and views of Malaysian/Americans towards handicapped people etc.
In return, he is teaching me American Sign Language (ASL). I'm so worldly happy for him.

He is very determined person and kind-hearted. Eventhough I am no longer taking Arabic class, he still keep in touch with me and visiting while I am working in campus cafe too. Too bad I dont have time to bring Malaysian food as he requested. Despite of being a hard-hearing, he manage to learn the knowledge of Islam more than anyone I have ever known before. He's Jeffrey Odolski.

Luckily, you have a family and an environment to support you.

Alhamdulillah, we have them around. We are Muslims since we were born. MashaAllah, a gift which is sometimes we forget and take granted for. We are not perfect Muslim. There are a lot more to explore.

May Allah bless you Jeff! =)

p.s: I want souvenir from Tunisia and Egypt when you be there soon. 


  1. nak souvenir apa dari egypt bihah??
    hehe, i'm here for u =)

  2. hehe i dont know. just a little gift. =)