Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ilmu kereta

As a lady driver, there's no excuse when it comes to car care.
Basic things to know to maintain the car.
Well, I used to just know how to drive and nothing more about the car parts.
I guess I am learning a lot since last year.
Especially, how to change a flat tire! oil change, maintenance etc.

Mari kita tengok serba sedikit :
Cara-cara nk tukar tayar kereta ;

Yang diperlukan :
-tayar ganti 
- screw driver
- 'jack'
-pembuka nut/tayar

1) Buka wheel cover
2) Buka nut-nut that flat tire
3) Letakkan jack kt bhgian yg keras bwh kereta dan naikkan kereta
4) Keluarkan flat tire dan masukkan tayar ganti (mmerlukan kekuatan berjuta)
5)  Rendahkan kereta dan ketatkan nut-nut tayar baru

Nampak senang tapi aku tak lepas pun nk buat

Tapi macam perlu tau la perkara mcm ni so that xdela stranded tepi highway without helping hands.

Car maintenance :

1) Change oil and filter every 3,000 miles or about 3 months >.<
2) Check the brake pads if they need replacement, which it depends on the thickness of the drums and rotors.
3) Tune up - to ensure the engine is working well with other car parts. maintain car performance.
                 - change ignition/emission system after range 30k to 100k miles.
4) Fuel injection - every 1500 miles
5) Power steering fluid - every 3000 miles

What I just spend money on : upgrade high mileage(tambah miles), and fuel injection (bersihkan habuk carbon yg terlebih2 and bagi engine flow)

Luckily, the manager and worker in two workshops here seems to know me and free to explain those things to us, ladies. Thanks to paan 


10 muwasafat tarbiyah ( sifat2 mukmin )

4) luas ilmu pengetahuan
6) mampu berdikari

aite? =) 

source : car care guide 

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