Monday, March 14, 2011

Ibrah from ISK


A little late to write about this program but I still wanna scribble something about it.
It was held here in RIT on February 26th and 27th. ISK stands for 'Inilah Sejarah Kita'.

My honest expectation before the program:
I never attend such program before but I know that its gonna reveal the Islamic Empire history and 'kita' refers to umat Nabi Muhammad SAW. I did expected it will give a clear timeline of the uprising of Islam in Mekah and Madinah, Khalifah Ar-Rasyidin , Umaiyah Empire, Abasiyah I&II Empire, Turki Uthmaniyah Empire ,Perang Salib, Salihuddin Al-Ayyubi and Sultan Muhammad AlFateh in Turki. Its not that I didn't learn it before but kinda it doesn't really into my heart. The timeline and details of idols seems scattered in my head. I cant put them together at one place, in one big picture.

Well,after 2days of program, I can say it fulfilled my expectation. Even though not perfectly all of them, but it seems to be a beginning for me to start truly learn the history by heart. It gives you a kick start anyway, because there's no way enchanting stories of hundreds years can be revealed in two days. So, our jobs is go deep into those secret of uprising empire and learn from it. So do the downfall era of Turki Uthmaniyyah on 1924. March 3rd 1924: The Caliphate was abolished.

Another thing that moved my heart is the way Imam Hassan Al-Banna set Rasulullah tarbiyyah method as an example. Where the cascade goes like this :
Individu Muslim-->Baitul Muslim--> Masyarakat Muslim--> Negara Islam--> Kerajaan Islam-->Empayar Islam-->Ustaziyatul A'lam 

Where are we? Of course for single me,the first one. But wait? Do I really deserve to be called one?
There's 10 muwasofat mukmin (sifat-sifat mukmin).

1: Salimul Aqidah- AKIDAH YANG SEJAHTERA. 
2:  Sahihul Ibadah- IBADAH YANG SAHIH.
3: Matinul Khuluk- AKHLAK YANG TERPUJI.
4: Mutsaqaffal Fikri -LUAS ILMU PENGETAHUAN.
5: Qawwiyal Jismi- SIHAT TUBUH BADAN.
6: Qadiran A’la Kasbi- MAMPU BERDIKARI.
7: Mujahadah A’la Nafsi- MELAWAN NAFSU.
8: Haarithun A’la Waqtihi -HORMATI MASA.
9: Munazzamun Fi Syu’unihi- PENGURUSAN SISTEMATIK.

So these are the indicators of an individual muslim. A real one. I pray to Allah that my friends and I are strong enough and put our effort to the fullest to be an IM. InsyaAllah.

I know the tittle suggested 'ibrah' :  عِبْرَه which means moral or lessons. But I dont really elaborate on each of them. Well, that because I wanted my friends to look up by themselves. There's a lots (read:tonnes) of videos on History of Islam, Empire of Faith, Islamic Warriors and Reality of Muslim Ummah etc. Search for them.I like this one the most:



p/s : lots of thanks to ISK committee who made this program a success. I believed every participants got some take-home messages, if not all, to be ponder, analyzed and make a move. Thank you Allah, for bringing us together, pouring the faith pollen, hoping to blossom the spring with flowers of tarbiyyah, no matter where we are. 

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