Sunday, March 6, 2011

alhambra, mis sueños en Españ

alhambra, mis sueños en España= alhambra,my dream in spain

of outstanding garden and architecture

Alhambra, Granada
Al Hambra Citadel is a city-fotress and the castle of Moorish Kingdom in Granada. It was built as a mosque in early Islamic rules in Spain. Between 1238-1354 A.D, the castle of Islamic Kingdom was built in this city. Since then Al-Hambra city is one of the famous historic building in the world. The interior walls of the building were decorated with fascinating stucco calligraphy of Holy Quran and there were also beautiful gardens in the city.

Alhambra is an Islamic empire during the 13th century.Building is a stunning Alhambra palace During the Caliphate ummayyah children. 

I did counted this historical place in my to-be-visit list. A beautiful set for romantic scene (read:proposal).

p/s alhambra:al-ahmar maksudnya merah. sebabnya bangunan-bangunan di kota ini akan kemerah-merahan di kala malam. 

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  1. andalusia, alhambra, granada..i want to step my foot there too one day..nak pegi jgak...=)

  2. hahaha eg msti nk pg kn?
    wani mari kita,saving duit skg jgk.