Friday, October 1, 2010

You never,ever gave up hope

Exam week was just passed, and I really enjoyed it today.

Today's weather was superb.It was a beautiful windy Friday. My heart just filled with lots of love.

Even though a bit 'overslept' to start a day,but then everything goes well.

All in all,3 three exams in 2 days were overwhelming. And I did terribly bad in one of them.gosh!

soooo bad than you thought though.probably mine was the lowest.

and because I do care about it, I have set-up a weekly one-to-one session with the prof. for the rest of the quarter.

sounds great,no?

i love it.i will have someone at my father's age to talk to.

i did pretty well in the other two,so those good news just blew away the sadness and disappointing moment of the week.

thank you Allah.Thank you mak ayah for your blessing and endless prayer.

Ohh lets add 5-7am working hours in the schedule too.peace~


  1. paan,tgh tgok movie apa?

    and seriously,ak teruk gle microbe.sgt2.

  2. xtgok movie pon smalam..hahaha
    xpe bha..berusaha lg..
    aku pon cm agak kecewa ngan cell bio...