Thursday, October 28, 2010

turn a new leaf : be a book-worm

other than organic chemistry,cell bio and arabic textbook, there are a lot of books on the rack.

which i may take a look on their covers,flipped a few pages, read once or even twice..

some of them i took from home..or bought them first hand.trying to read a lot on the first place but unfortunately i am not.

maybe i should go for all of these after the quarter ends..which is soon.

i bought these books when i am so eager to learn to cook.=)

but now there is no time for reading,just cook like a pro! hahaha

''Indahnya Hidup Bersyariat'' from ayah..details on 'fardhu ain' module exactly from our birth until the death.all in one.

and ''P.S I love you'',my favorite novel.go on with the rest of your life and you will do it better knowing an angel is watching over you.

''Aisyah:Keunggulan Sejati'' is a-must-have-motivational-book for women. It drives intellectual spirit,passion and love.I just cant put them in words.

love?might be the right for you! (ops,this is not mine)

well~who says college students does not like to read?

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