Sunday, April 18, 2010

simple meaningful thank you.

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and beneficent.

Thank you Allah,
I have been given the opportunity to improve more. I remembered I was watching drama 'Dari Mata Arisa' several hours night before exam, so I am not expecting much.huhu. All in all, I should not do it again.(or should i?haha)

ok,thats not the point. I'm attracted to several dramas right now. To list some..Dari Mata Arisa,adaMaya,asmaradana..the storyline are about the same. Love after marriage. It is cool!haha..and i might hoping for that too.

it has been a while since i last updating this blog. not that i have nothing to share but just dont feel like writing.
and for you,thank you for start speaking with me(again) and make me feel like writing(again).haha.

my lappy clock shows 10:46pm and it is nearly Monday.happy Monday!oh am i going to work tomorrow?
no no no..i am quitting,haha.
it is not that i am not serious working but due to unseen circumstances, i have to quit.

first, the backpack vacuum is hurting my back, especially after vacuuming hallway of three floors.gosh!! it is tiring and takes can weight 8kg when the container is full.(nico,2010)

second, it affects my quality study time. I am not used to sleep early (and I never did even I have to wake up at 5)

third, I have not-so-good grade right now, so better make a move.

i believed i can survive without extra money.better be true.haha

ohh.back to the midterm result, i think i should thank my awesome parent more. they have been praying for me endlessly. wait for me,i'll be back soon.*promise* insyallah.

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