Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why Do I Teach For Malaysia?

Assalamualaikum, Peace be upon you :)

It is the end of Week 1 in the Teach For Malaysia institute, I came to realization that I need to keep a journal and reflect on myself as day goes by. This will be important for me to reflect and scribble the input I got from the sessions.

Above all,

I probably have this quest coming my way hundreds time already.

Here it goes:
I Teach For Malaysia because I want to give sustainable impact to the unfortunate children and create a better life trajectory for them. I teach because I CARE. I am in the fellowship because I want to challenge myself and grow personally & professionally. I chose the road less traveled.

Observation day 1 & 2: they are stuffing with tons of information. TFM point of existence and their goals. TFM focus 3As Impact MOdel. 
Affect : characters building of the students (zest,grit,optimism etc). 
Access: expose students on what the world has to offer (scholarships,internships opportunities).
Achievement : academic growth and mastery.

*I actually love the diversity we have in the fellowship. Background-wise and expertise.
*Each people have different perspectives and life maps. Our first impressions are not necessarily true. We could have never assume what each people had gone through because we did not walk miles in their moccasins.
*That is the beauty of life that we can treasure.

نور نبيهة هاشم
27 Oct 2013
22 Dzulhijjah 1434

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