Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kem SKORlah Recruitment Drive #TFMInstitute

So we actually went to Pasar Besar Bentong this morning recruiting for kem SKORlah.
It is a FREE Math & English tuition class for Form1-Form4 students during this coming school holiday.
The classes will be held in SMK Ketari and SMK Kuala Repas. I have no idea where the schools are but it will be like 20-30mins away from our resort.

I really enjoyed it. I never imagined I have to be a salesperson promoting to random people in the weekend market.  I always hate the salesgirl promoting products when I am trying to buy my favorites in a supermarket. It is a new experience to find your random-but-highly-potential customers. I tried to introduce myself in the friendliest way possible (shake hand/salam with the aunties). How did they responded to it? Pretty good. I think they liked me. *haha* Pitch for several minutes, Stress on the keywords( FREE and breakfast/lunch provided etc.) and able to get 3 signatures from the parents. I aim to get 10 *too ambitious,I know*, talked to about 15 people (parents and teenagers), and managed to get 3 successful registration for the tuition classes. Some of them already registered,some of them only have small kids and some have limited access to the tuition schools.

Pasar Besar Bentong is just big and have endless stalls. They have lots of cheap good stuff too. I probably will go there again. ;D

Here are pictures of last year's kem SKORlah ;)

نور نبيهة هاشم
Sunday 27 Oct 2013
22 Dzulhijjah 1434

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