Saturday, March 31, 2012

mencari hikmah

RIT Connectology Leadership Conference update:

People are our greatest asset. On top of everything, the goal is develop and maximize human potential. :) 

kan dah kata, tarbiyyah modal insan tu penting.

RIT Connectology Leadership Conference update: 

For a dream to be a reality, grade your progress. Is it moving towards your aim or vice versa.. :) 

kan dah kata, mutabaah amal (catatan amalan harian) kena update selalu.

RIT Connectology Leadership Conference update: 

Basic concept of leadership, willingness to risk. For instance,I am willing to express my thoughts, which might be 99.95% wrong (or ridiculous) , 
but 99.99% chances it will help others to do it right,and making progress. :)

kan dah kata, do our best, let Allah do the rest. Usaha kuat-kuat dan Tawakal.

yang paling saya suka-->

RIT Connectology Leadership Conference:

 To achieve your dream, list your mentor,partners or friends you are accountable for. They could keep track on your progression.:)

kan dh kata ukhuwah fillah tu penting. Bila matlamat sama, kita boleh saling cubit ingatkan kalau terlalai :D

Islam inside.
Hikmah itu milik kita, carilah ia di mana-mana.

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  1. comelnye mutabaah amal! takpe. tick the list slowly and steadily kak bihaa :)