Saturday, September 10, 2011

the best planner


Its Saturday,4th day since I arrived in Rochester. Pretty big changes in almost everything I supposed! ;)

First time being homesick. First time its hard to say goodbye to my parents and adek2.

Jetlag syndrome plus acting-up throat I have to deal with.

The subjects are getting harder of course. In need of lots of focus and determination.

I'm loving almost all of them. Amazing things to explore with professors (yg semangat2) -.-

Two days back then I was having mixed-up-feeling about one thing and in serious consideration to grad next year.

Now I got my spirit and strongly believe Allah have the best plan for me.

may plan it that way ; grad early, pursue master study, get a decent job,  and get married.

whichever come first after the graduation I guess.


do not forget to write those plans with pencil;

give the eraser to Al Khalid;

for He's the one to know everything in the entire universe;

Allah could erase one of the thing on our list;

replace it with another;

or simply hold one back until the perfect time.

One guy getting married is not the end of the world for another girl.

..Dan Allah sebaik-baik perancang” (Qur’an, 3:54)


  1. let's try our best and graduate together inshaAllah..=)

  2. insyaAllah;jika diizinkan Allah ofcourse.
    promised to bring my parents abroad on final year so I wont be able to grad before having enough money then.maybe 4th year. ;) all the best for you.

  3. ala biha...jgn la grad awal sgt.tak best la cmt.kita dh sama2 start dr honolulu kat intec dulu.jom la abis sama2 on may 2013.okay?? :)

  4. nope,i wouldn't.may 2013 insyaAllah.