Sunday, May 16, 2010

letter to lil sis and mom

ooohhh rindunya adik saya T_T
nikmah,kak dh nk balik nie.wait for me.
dunworry,jgn ngamuk2 bila wt omwork lg.huhu

nur nai'mah,be a good girl for our mother.better than me.
you are blessed.dont be spoiled,when you got all attention needed from such a great parent,make it worth dear.

remember when mom showed you my childhood picture?
and you said it's you in the picture.
no wonder,because we actually look alike during child.cute chubby girl!!!=)

i'm figuring out what to get for your coming 11th birthday.ohh!! you are a big girl but i never feel you are growing up though.actually,i dont want you to.dont grow my little girl.

and not to forget,to my mom,puan faridah hanim yaacob,
happy mother's day and happy teacher's day.
hadiah byk2 yg bdak2 bg tu bleh la bg kt kak nnti.hehe

i know i never said i love you,
and neither did you..
but we both know we loved each other a bit too much.
that's why i'm crying by myself,keeping my problem from you,i just dont want you to worry to much bout me.i'm a big girl now.

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