Tuesday, May 24, 2011

do not cry Ahmet

Just finished watching Valley of The Wolves Palestine 2011

A good movie actually. It is packed with a lot of actions. Basically about a Turkish commando team against the Israel commander responsible for the raid of Mavi Marmara. The incident is known as Gaza Flotilla raid, a military operation by Israel against six ships of the "Gaza Freedom Flotilla" on May 31, 2010.

Even though the story line is cliche good versus evil. But as the producer said, it wasn't about the revenge of Mavi Marmara. It is more towards gaining awareness from people around the world on what the Palestinian IS going through. Some parties might gain profit from this one of the most expensive Turkish film ever made   ( it costs over $20 million), but hey! I dont care about that. 

Some lines from this movie are still wandering off my mind.

It had opened my eyes about what the reality in Palestine. They are living that situation right now,even worse.

Most of this movie's dialogue are meaningful. 

''Why do you come here, to Israel?''
''I do not come to Israel, I came to Palestin''

"Our oppressor is our enemies, not the Jews''

''I have often asked myself why these innocent people are persecuted and their blood spilled in the streets.
Their fears have overpowered both their minds and consciences. They think whoever is not a Jew is their enemy.''

''Put this amulet and you wont get hit''
''You keep it, you gonna need this when you can walk again and fighting to all of these''
''When I can walk again, promise me you gonna give it back to me.''

I cant forget the scene where the army tear down the Palestinian house with a paralyzed boy inside.
You gonna cry like crazy. 

''Do not cry Ahmet, do not cry, you lie on Palestine soil'' 

Valley of The Wolves Iraq (2006) is said to be better. I should check it out, too.

p/s : every piece of effort count. build the spirit, send the affordable help, wish a prayer every breath. 

"Memperkasa Ummah, Membebaskan Aqsa" http://www.aqsasyarif.org.my  

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  1. tertarik pada minit 7.32
    "Boss, words are not getting through these guys"
    "depends on your words Memati,i'm sure we can find a language they'll undrstand"

    bila tengok part ni teringat kata-kata assyahid Dr Abdul Aziz Rantisi

    "Sesungguhnya musuh kamu (yahudi) tidak memahami sesuatu bahasa pun melainkan dengan satu bahasa,ia adalah bahasa perang"