Saturday, September 18, 2010

98days of summer

Assalamualaikum.Kaifa halukum?

Finally,I got the strength to sum up my summer experience.It was not '500days of summer' but more or less 98 days.Back to Malaysia after 9months...most of things stay the same but some really changed.And I meant it.

1) My arrival was 'welcomed' with shock. There are three deaths in the week and one of them is my mother's friend which happened to be my childhood teacher.I remembered her, she was beautiful and lovely.Fair-skin and healthy woman back then.

But,when I opened white cloth covered her face,my jaw dropped and suddenly tears rolled down my cheek.There was nothing looks like her at all.No outer skin but facial tissues.She suffered from antibiotic allergy.(I wonder if I learn anything like that in Bio class before).The antibiotic harmed her internal organs and burned her skin.So,the doctor had to removed the skin.I bet she had suffered too much. And it started from a normal fever medicine?.Ohh this is so unexpected.

I remember the face even now.I remember her five-years old daughter who cant recognized her mom's body and kept asking for her.I remember her newly-born daughter who is only 13months.Death will be anytime anywhere to anyone.That is for sure.I got to be prepared.May Allah bless her soul.

2)In Firaun's dynasty,boy babies were killed.In Jahiliyyah's time,girl babies were killed.Today,regardless of the gender,babies are killed almost everyday in the country.So,who is the cruelest one?

I bet people elsewhere do not have this 'culture'.It happens almost everyday and even death sentence is no scare.Ya Allah,please save Muslim's generation.This is so disgusting and such a shame.

I cant help myself but felt so sad.


I fall in love with children around me.They are so amazing! Such a gift.

Love them all.Thank you Allah.

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