Wednesday, March 3, 2010

.....jika aku jatuh hati

the past is a ghost.

the future is a dream.

what we ever have is now.

there are so many things colored my life during past 3months ;

up and and sorrow..victory and defeat

i enjoyed the weather, especially the white amazing snow shower

i learnt to appreciate what i have

i should warm my mom's heart more when i'm with her

i learnt to manage my finance well,care on every singe cent, one thing i never care so much past 19 years or so

i learnt about how people's experience influence their principle in the present

i learnt how long-distance-relationship can affect someone and dragged others involved in it

i learnt to hold on to my faith

while evolution theory is driving me crazy, i learnt that i need to discover more about science and Islam

i make the obstacles i confront strengthen my belief in myself

finally,i still didnt get 4.0 for the second quarter.

but,past is past.

lets get ready for the next battle!

one thing that i dont get so deep well is;

in matter of heart

i cant distinguish between like and love

crush? ermm

shhh.its secret.secret makes a woman woman.

and let me keep that till death.

p/s: i think i like him.

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